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Engineering and Certification

Our engineering team can provide engineering support on a large variety of aircraft and cabin related modifications. Together with our team of Compliance Verification Engineers, we provide approved engineering solution for your aircraft.

The extensive scope of our EASA Design Organisation Approval allows us to provide stand-alone modification packages as well as provide business-to-business support for your certification activities.

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Engineering Services

Our engineering services are not just limited to aircraft visiting our facility, we also provide external services to operators and partners globally, like:

  • Engineering and certification services to accomplish refurbishments, cabin upgrades (VIP) interiors, special mission aircraft, connectivity upgrades and so on
  • Redesigns related to obsolescence issues, upgrades and refurbishments 
  • On-site technical support
  • Creation of Maintenance and Technical documentation
  • Weight saving and noise reduction studies and incorporation
  • Structural repair recommendations
  • Engineering support for Military MRO and modifications

Providing Approved Engineering Solutions

In Flight Entertainment

In the ever-evolving world of in-flight entertainment and passenger comfort, IFE-upgrades are necessary to deliver the best passenger experience. We can cater for your upgrade or replacement including new hardware, software as well as monitor upgrades to the latest standards.


Allowing for faster in-flight connectivity is not just a selling point on airliners, but a must on VIP aircraft. Fokker Techniek can provide such solutions for your aircraft, allowing for the high speed connections your passengers expect on-board your aircraft.


To cater for your cabin reconfiguration or VIP interior, Fokker Techniek’s capabilities include systems modifications like those to your water/waste system. Providing such flexibility allows you to (re)locate your galleys, washrooms and lavatories to any location in your aircraft, maximizing cabin-floor space.

Interior Modifications

Our engineering team realise custom solutions to provide your cabin with the interior configuration you are looking for.

Flight Testing Support

Fokker Techniek’s extensive EASA DOA-scope allow for the Approval of Flight Conditions for a Permit to Fly.
We can therefore support your flight test campaign in your certification efforts.

Certification Support

With the extensive scope of our 21J Approved Design Organisation and our dedicated team of Compliance Verification Engineers (CVEs), we can provide support in the compliance demonstration for our engineering partners lacking such scope.

Installation of 16g Seats

As part of your cabin refurbishment, we can support the installation of any seats to suit your updated cabin layout. Ranging from a refresh on your VIP-seats to the upgrade to 16g-seats in compliance with your local authority’s operational rules.

Operation Suitability Data

Following EASA’s latest standards, Fokker Techniek ensures your aircraft is suitable for registration and operation in any of the EU-member states; by generating and approving Operational Suitability Data (where applicable) to any of our modifications performed on the aircraft. Fokker Techniek can also cater for generation of aircraft manual supplements to address our modifications.

On-site technical support

Our team is available for global on-site support and surveys to address damage assessments and engineering assistance. With our experience as a TC-holder, structural repairs is part of our daily business.

For Innovative Engineering Services and Solutions

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