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Circumstances and certain situations will demand special operations. Special operations will require special aircraft. The ever-changing world is providing threats and challenges at all times. These threats and challenges can surprise us in different magnitudes and impact. It is of great importance to be prepared for e.g. humanitarian aid requirements or climate change effects. In parallel we support the necessity to transport people and/or materials in every way, everywhere.

Multi-role Solutions

Fokker Techniek

We make
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Multi-role Missions

Define your mission. Choose the platform.
Trust us.


Fokker Techniek is uniquely located at Woensdrecht Airport in the Netherlands. Woensdrecht Airport is a military airfield used by the RNLAF with its own dedicated runway.

Having our own flight operations facilities provides you with an ideal location to visit us with your own aircraft, discuss new opportunities, have your system integration and extensive tests in a restricted environment performed at a secured location. Of course, our airport is also easily accessible with other forms of transport, such as a car or train. We have Engineering, supporting shops and production facilities in one place. On top of our organization, IT and physical security is all equipped to perform work on NATO restricted level.


The Fokker Techniek Difference: Designing, building, maintaining and modifying aircraft is in our DNA. We understand the impact of changes and repairs to an aircraft. Our goal is to deliver on-time, in-budget and to the desired standard, so you can focus on your mission! Decades of experience on defense and special mission aircraft are the foundation of our activities.