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AEWAirborne Electronic Warfare
ASWAnti-Submarine Warfare
AsuWAnti Surface Warfare
ATOSAdvanced Tactical
Observation System
C4ICommand, Control, Communications, Computers, and Intelligence
CCDPContinuously Computed Drop Point, automated, accurate drop point calculation system
CDSCounter Measures Dispensing System (is a state-of-the-art Flare and Chaff Dispensing System providing self-protection to the aircraft against Radar guided & IR seeking missiles)
COMINTCommunications Intelligence (between people)
DASDefensive Aids Suite
DFDirection Finder
DIRCMDirectional Infrared Counter Measures (self-defense systems)
EEPGSEmergency Electric Power Generator System (type RAT or Ram Air Turbine)
ELINTElectronic Intelligence
ESMElectronic Support Measures
EO/IRelectro-optical infrared sensors
EWElectronic Warfare
FITSFully Integrated Tactical System
FLIRForward Looking Infra-Red Radar
HAAWCHigh Altitude ASW Weapon Capability
HUDHead up Display
IFFIdentification Friend or Foe
ISRIntelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance
LVADLow Velocity Airdrop Delivery
MANPADSMan-portable air-defense systems
MADMagnetic Anomaly Detector
MAWSMissile Approach Warning System
MEDEVACMedical Evacuation
MMAMulti-mission Maritime Aircraft
MMSMission Management System
MWSMissile Warning System
RWLRadar Warning Locator System
RWRRadar Warning Receiver (self-defense systems)
SARSearch and Rescue
SIGINTSignal Intelligence (intelligence gathering by interception of signals)
SMSStores Management System
SPSSelf Protection System


ATCAir Traffic Control
EASAEuropean Aviation Safety Agency
FAAFederal Aviation Administration
ICAOInternational Civil Aviation Organisation
MTOWMax Take-off Weight
STOLShort Take-Off and Landing