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Dedicated to your mission

For all kind of special purposes, we provide solutions. In any size, any system on any platform, any time. It is our mission to fulfil your exact needs. Please find below a selection of possible missions we can deliver.

Keeping a close eye

Territorial rights, peace and security can pose a threat to nations.
Oil, gas, minerals, human rights breaches, religions or other factors can all trigger potential hostile intentions of other countries.
Special Mission Aircraft can assist to monitor territories. Keeping track, register, share intelligence and act upon findings.

Climate changes

Our weather stability in the world is increasingly fragile. Weather influences become more severe and result in record-breaking extremes. Droughts, floods, mudslides, tsunamis, snow- hail- and sandstorms, extreme colds and heatwaves all pose a risk to ecosystems and societies. It’s key to understand the changes and gather crucial information.

Special operations

Transport of persons or goods in remote areas (VIP flights, rescue, medevac, delivery of relief supplies, postal services, bulk transport etc.).

Flight Inspections, Navigation trainer, Aerial survey, Atmospheric research and observations (HALO); Military purposes (troopship, para-dropping, bulk transport, medevac, etc.).

For all missions, we can provide solutions. Even combining different missions in one design or providing Quick Change Solutions.

Maritime Surveillance

Military Operations

Special Operations

Other services