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Fokker Techniek is uniquely located at Woensdrecht Airport in the Netherlands. Woensdrecht Airport is a military airfield with its own dedicated landing strip.

Having our own flight operations facilities provides you with an ideal location to visit us with your own aircraft, and discuss new opportunities, such as a new VIP completion, refurbishment or your scheduled maintenance. Of course, our airport is also easily accessible with other forms of transport, such as a car or train.


5 Secured
VIP Paint
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Planned Facility
Flight Operation

Airport Security

Entrance to our facilities is secured. When your aircraft arrives at our premises, it will be moved to one of the secured hangars. Access to the Fokker Techniek site, offices and hangars is granted only to authorised personnel or registered visitors with a special security badge.


  • Ideally located between the major airports of Amsterdam-Schiphol and Brussels
  • Excellent accessibility by car, train or with your own aircraft
  • Access to, and use of, the operational runway of Woensdrecht Airport
  • Take-offs, Landings and Test flights facilitated at a non-congested military airport
  • Autonomy over engine runs, parking, towing and fuelling services

Flight Operations Contacts

When you or your dedicated flight crew are planning to bring or pick up your completed aircraft, our Flight Operations offer a total support regarding your arrival and departure activities. This includes a full flight planning and flight watch service, pilot’s briefing room together with perfect customer focused services like crew transport, fuel support and customs and immigrations clearance.

On site, our Flight Operations staff will ensure that your special requests are handled with personalised care and tailored solutions. From arrival to departure, your ground handling needs will be taken care of with immediate assistance. For any unique or unusual requests and requirements for flight crew, please just call or e-mail us.

Flight Operations

Flight Operations frequency: 133.030 MHz

Hangar Facilities

Our hangar space consists of five hangars spanning 16 000 square metres, plus backshops. Our hangar facilities include:

Two fully equipped secured hangars for VIP completions, maintenance and modification programmes.

Total Area:1 600 square metres (per hangar)
Capacity:1 narrow body aircraft (per hangar)
Max. Wingspan:36 metres (per hangar)

One large fully equipped hangar for VIP completions, maintenance and modification programmes.

Total Area:4 500 square metres
Capacity:1 wide or 3 narrow body aircraft
Max. Wingspan:70 metres

Two medium, fully equipped hangars for VIP completions, maintenance and modification programmes.

Total Area:4 000 square metres
Capacity:2 regional size or 1 narrow body aircraft
Max. Wingspan:36 metres

One dedicated paint hangar for applying external VIP liveries or partial livery adaptations.

Total Area:1 650 square metres
Capacity:1 narrow body aircraft
Max. Wingspan:35 metres

Future Developments

Fokker Techniek is planning to expand in the coming years to serve you even better. Besides adding new smaller hangars for military and UAV maintenance, a new wide-body hangar, including a wide body paint facility, is planned in the near future. We also cater for more VIP completion capacity, including Airbus A330, A350 and Boeing 787 aircraft.

New widebody hangar as per March 2023
Planned smaller hangars for military and UAV Maintenance