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Design & Engineering

No matter if it is a “green” completion, a minor or major upgrade, or a full refurbishment, our engineering experience is reinforced with our unique knowledge gained during our time as an aircraft OEM. This is evidenced by our approvals and worldwide recognition.

Engineering Services

  • Design and Engineering of VIP interiors, systems and installations
  • Certification of completions, modifications & systems to obtain STCs
  • Redesigns related to obsolescence issues, upgrades and refurbishments
  • On-site Technical Support to enhance aircraft operations
  • Maintenance requirement analysis and recommendations
  • Supplements of aircraft Technical Documentation & Manuals
  • Engineering technical assistance
  • Weight saving and noise reduction studies and incorporation

The engineering and design capabilities from Fokker are recognised by the EASA through a Design Organisation Approval (DOA). This recognition allows us to perform the entire design and development process in-house, including certification and flight testing.

All our completions, modifications and refurbishments will be certified fully in accordance with the EASA and/or FAA regulations. Moreover, we hold approvals for conducting work under most other authorities such as Bermuda, Cayman, etc. See our Approvals and Certifications.

When we develop a VIP interior or related modification, we always have its intended use and its durability in mind. Ideally, both pre-requisites should remain unaffected during the intended life cycle.

For Innovative Engineering Services and Solutions

Engineering Expertise

Based on our heritage, our Engineering and certification knowledge is extensive and considered second-to-none. Our Engineering Team provides a full variety of in-house performed engineering, design and certification tasks, which apply not only to ‘green’ completions, but also to minor/major modifications to the aircraft’s avionics, systems and structures.

Multi-disciplinary / Skills

Our dedicated engineering team covers Engineering disciplines and skills in the field of In-Flight Entertainment (IFE), wireless LAN and SatCom systems, Mechanical Systems and Structures, Stress and Airworthiness Analysis. All these are essential for demonstrating that all the latest regulatory standards are complied with, ultimately leading to final Certification.

Engineering Tools

Using the latest industry-standard Engineering Tools such as CATIA, FEMAP, NASTRAN, AutoCAD and PDM systems, helps our work being developed into tangible results.

Close connection with the Aircraft

To ensure a smooth operation between the Engineering, the production department and the supporting backshop, our Engineering team will be located in the vicinity of the aircraft during the time of the VIP interior installation, major modification or full refurbishment.

Talk to an Expert

We believe in the personal touch in everything we do. Call us, text us, email us or fill in our enquiry form and we will address your query to the most suitable expert. Our expert will be in touch with you to find out how we can be of assistance.

Maresh Boel

Product and Proposal Manager

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