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VIP Maintenance, Mods & Refurbs

Our MRO division takes care of scheduled airframe maintenance, introduction of SBs/ADs, restoration of damages modifications. Our MRO facility includes a paint hangar for a full repaint or new exterior liveries. Furthermore, it includes various shop capabilities, from interior furnishings to alterations to monuments and refurbishment of seats, redefining certain VIP cabin areas or cabin functions such as upgrading cabin systems. Cabin modifications can be completed during your maintenance downtime.

Correct performance of maintenance is not only of help to maintain high reliability and safety standards but is also vital in protecting the asset value of your aircraft. Our experienced teams are performing the full range of maintenance inspections, from minor modifications up to heavy maintenance.

Our EASA Design Organisation Approval allows us to perform major modifications and alterations of airframe, aircraft systems as well as upgrades of (cabin) electronic systems up to and including modifications to the flight-deck.

Fokker Techniek has a Part145 Maintenance organisation recognition for both the EASA and FAA together with approvals from most other Regulatory Authorities. For an overview of such certificates, we refer to our Approvals and Certificates page.

“We build anything you want in an aircraft. It stops when safety is our concern. There is no way that we will accept any concession to this rule. Moreover, we continue to monitor your safety over the entire lifetime of our cabin interior.”

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