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Design Showcase

Different clients, different wishes. Here is an example of a case study to verify compliance with a client’s requirements conducted by our design office. The client, an entrepreneur, was searching for his own style and had his own taste and operational wishes. The style needed to be in line with his corporate identity, while still being a place to relax in, in a dedicated lounge area. All these requirements needed to be blended into his new VIP aircraft interior.

To obtain a better understanding, the client’s yacht and house were visited to get an idea for styling, colour and material selections. Several of his personally selected design elements were integrated in the study for the initial interior design.

A desire to continue a business meeting during the flight or to have a diner with family or friends resulted in having a large dining section.

A bedroom was not a luxury, but an absolute must for this client. The ability to arrive refreshed at the final destination was an important subject during the design discussions.

The bedroom has an adjoining VIP lavatory and shower.

It does not matter what kind of requirements or taste you have, Fokker Techniek will collaborate with you and your team to build this dream interior. Did this showcase intrigue you? Please don’t hesitate to contact our expert below.

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