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Full VIP Completion

The conversion of this Airbus A320 had a different start from most conversions we have performed. The customer had purchased an existing Airbus A320 with an airline interior that needed to be converted into full VIP facilities. The new VIP interior features a full presidential area, with a combined bedroom, adjacent bathroom and private office. Furthermore, there’s a dining room and lounge, including a dining table for six persons. Additional fuel tanks to extend range were installed, and the Airbus A320 features an Audio/Video on Demand system and SATCOM system for internet connectivity and telephony. This showcase tells how the project was established and carried out through the eyes of the customer.

In October 2008, my group bought a used Airbus 320 airliner in the USA, for converting into a head-of-state VIP configuration.

Our ambitions were very high, as we wanted to have a minimum of 26 passengers in commercial transport. Usually these days an interior build-up with the required luxury finishing was possible only for aircraft with fewer than 19 passengers owing to safety regulations.

After going through the market we selected Fokker Techniek, which was the only company we felt would be in position to deliver a fully certified concept in Europe, fully in line with our stringent requirements. A unique Direct View cabin camera system for monitoring the cabin by the cabin crew from their seat positions was one of Fokker’s new developments. 

I must say that not only did they do a great job, but in addition the schedule was fully respected and the quality was superb.

After nine years in operation, the cabin has remained in an excellent condition, thanks to the Fokker completion quality.

Furthermore, Fokker has maintained the aircraft since then, always respecting the scheduled timing which, for an operator, is essential.

Philip G. Queffelec

I highly recommend Fokker Techniek for their reliability and professionalism.
Great people to work with.

Philip G. Queffelec

Chairman Sparfell Aviation Group

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