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Open Spaces

Visionary Showcase Concept

Mansions, luxury hotels, yachts and VIP aircraft have one thing in common, they are all designed to indulge the person using it with the ultimate feeling of comfort. A lounge for enjoyable times with family and friends, an office to prepare for the next day’s meeting, a private area to relax in, a bedroom to love and rest in and a private bathroom for freshening up by taking a shower when a new day begins. All basic functions included in the single word “comfort”.

The open spaces concept is based on having open connected areas.

By using transparent walls, it creates a spacious feeling and enhances the impression that this space is connected with the next social space.

As at home, a sitting area to relax, read or have a talk with family and friends in… With a transparent TV monitor integrated in the wall, your favourite art collection can be displayed as part of the area.

A spacious private office area, including desk and TV screen, to continue your work when flying. Here is a perfect example of the use of a transparent partition, providing an open area when it is clear, or privacy in the bedroom when dimmed.

Long journeys require the ability to rest and recharge, with your own private bedroom, including bathroom, at your disposal.

As you can see; Fokker Techniek also proactively looks into improving interior designs in order to serve you better with your future requests. Did this showcase intrigue you? Please don’t hesitate to contact our expert below.

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