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Why Fokker Techniek?

Fokker Techniek is a unique company with a strong focus on values and operating with a philosophy. In everything we do, we aim for the highest standards that match the needs of our high demanding clients. Therefore we push our boundaries and are committed to improving continuously. That’s why we are Fokker Techniek.


It was Anthony Fokker (1890) who built our first Fokker aeroplane in 1910, De Spin (the Spider). Since that pioneering period thousands of Fokker aeroplanes have made millions of flying hours. The drive towards innovation, quality and ultimate perfection led to many special aeroplanes, something that lives on in Fokker Techniek of today.

Generations of craftsmanship

Craftsmanship develops over generations and is usually transferred from father to son. Young generations are inspired and trained by older, experienced craftsmen. In this way skills and expertise are transferred and further developed.

Top Dutch quality

Fokker Techniek is proud of its Dutch roots. The unique core values of the Dutch manufacturing industry are acknowledged worldwide. An eye for detail, quality and innovation are deeply rooted in our culture.


The quality and recognition that are associated with the Fokker brand give your interior investment major added value, not only today but also in future. The world knows and trusts Fokker.

Fully customised solutions

Each VIP project starts with your dream. Individual preferences regarding style, colour, material and use are crucial from the start. We go to any length to make your dream come true. This makes each Fokker Techniek VIP interior really unique.

Delivering on promises

Principles are very important to us. If you make promises then you keep to them. Therefore our project management team forms the heart of our company. In this regard price agreements and planning are non-negotiable.

State-of-the-art technology

VIP aircraft are far removed from passenger airliners. We translate all your wishes into the highest standards – in the areas of lightweight, exclusive materials, communications, entertainment and finishing.

Highest safety standards

Safety is key in everything that drives us. Procedures, verifications and certification are only a few aspects that are strictly applied. Our confidentiality regarding your VIP projects goes without saying. Therefore access to our highly secured facilities is possible only after identification and registration at the entrance security office.

Our Fokkerairport

“Woensdrecht” is well-known in the Netherlands, as here Fokker Techniek shares its own airport with the Royal Netherlands Air Force. The runway has a length of 2442 metres and is suitable for the largest transport category aircraft.

Worldwide customer care

Fokker Techniek offers its services, after-sales and global support, 24 hours per day, 365 days a year. Our customer focus team is at your service. Together with our sister company Fokker Services, we cover global presence as an experienced and innovative aerospace leader.

Talk to an Expert

We believe in the personal touch in everything we do. Call us, text us, email us or fill in our enquiry form and we will address your query to the most suitable expert. Our expert will be in touch with you to find out how we can be of assistance.